Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Amazing Sand Sculptures

I was really amazed when I browsed through the photos of these extra-ordinary sculptures.

 'Alice and the Caterpillar' carved by Christina Mija from Australia
A sand sculpture entitled

'Flea Circus' carved by Susanne Ruseler from the Netherlands
A sand sculpture entitled "Flea Circus" carved ...

'Little Miss Muffet' carved by Hanneke Supply from Belgium
A sand sculpture entitled "Little Miss Muffet" ...

'Enchanted Garden' carved by Meg Murray from Australia
A sand sculpture called "Enchanted Garden" carved ...

'Frogs Galore' carved by Susanne Ruseler from the Netherlands and Hanneke Supply from Belgium
A sand sculpture entitled

 'Giant Scorpion' carved by Fergus Mulvany from Ireland
A sand sculpture entitled "Giant Scorpion" carved ...

 'A Closer Look' carved by Jino van Bruinessen from Australia
A sand sculpture entitled "A Closer Look" carved ...

 'Giant Scorpion' carved by Fergus Mulvany from Ireland
A sand sculpture entitled "Giant Scorpion" carved ...

 'Bed Bugs' carved by Karen Fralich from Canada
A sand sculpture entitled

'The Hive' carved by Kevin Crawford, Jim McCauley and Peter Redmond from Australia
A sand sculpture entitled "The Hive" carved by ...

A sand sculpture called "The Hive" carved by ...

A sculpture entitled "The Hive" carved by Kevin ...

'Enchanted Garden' carved by Meg Murray from Australia
A sand sculpture entitled "Enchanted Garden" ...

'Beetlemania' carved by Brad Goll from the USA and Karen Fralich from Canada
A sand sculpture entitled "Beetlemania" carved ...

Photos of Sand Sculptures above were seen at the Creepy Crawlies Sand Sculpting Exhibition on the Frankston waterfront on December 26, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia. International sand sculpture artists from around the world teamed up with their Australian counterparts to create the insect themed exhibition that will be open to the public until April, 2011.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bahay Tsinoy

Bahay Tsinoy is a museum located in Intramuros. It is a place where the history, lives and contributions of Chinese people in Philippine life and history were documented.
Tsinoy is an informal name for a person with both Filipino and Chinese ancestry or influence. Many Chinese have married Filipinos/as and so their children were called Chinese Mestizos/as or simply Tsinoy.  It was showcased in the museum how the Chinese have come to the Philippines, and one of the main reasons is because the exchange of goods with the Filipinos or what they commonly call bartering or trading.
 In addition, you can also see various facsimiles of books and documents written by famous Chinese publicist during those times. There is also a collection of Chinese artifacts such as porcelain pieces during the Tang, Sung, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties in China. There are pictures and life-size waxed sculpture of Chinese and Tsinoy people showcasing their lives and contributions in the evolution of the Philippines. Some of them are our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, former president Cory Aquino and singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan.
It was a great activity! I learned a lot not just on the museum but also during the trip. Our group have encountered different kinds of people and adventured on the trip going there. Moreover, Bahay Tsinoy gave us a better understanding on our relationship with the Chinese. It was very beneficial for us because we are able to fully understand the roots and lifestyle of the Tsinoy and the Chinese and actually compare it with our own.

Friday, December 3, 2010

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The World's Smallest Car: 'Wind Up' built by British Constructor

British constructor Perry Watkins has assembled officially the world's smallest licensed car - and it has a top speed of 60kph.

At just 41 inches high, 51 inches long and a seemingly impossible 26 inches wide, the miniscule motor is in danger of being overpowered by other vehicles on the road.
But Mr Watkins has made sure that his 'Wind Up' mini car has enough power to compete with the larger cars, with a top speed of 60kph (37mph).

Though it may not be enough to hold its own on the German autobahns, the car features seat belts and has a few flames licking the side of the car, for added 'cool factor'.
The body comes from a repainted children's ride, while the chassis is borrowed from a Shanghai Shenke quad bike. Meanwhile, the tyres are more regularly seen on Monkey motorcycles.

This isn't the first time that Mr Watkins has devised a strange vehicle, after his 'Flatmobile' was unveiled a couple of years ago. It stood at just 19 inches high and could reach speeds of 100mph.


The World's smallest car was shown off at a motoring show in Essen, Germany, last November 27.

Credits to:
(Weird News)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Just like to share this video! :)
Evian Water Commercial and The Interview with the Cast
It's cute!
Hope you'll like it!


I'm tired.
I don't know what to do.
I'm not sure with what I'm feeling..
Or maybe, I really don't know what I feel.
I'm not sure if I'm still happy..
I'm not sure if I still can..
I wanna rest..
I'm really really tired.
I need someone to talk to but no one's there..
No one's listening..
I'm tired..
I need rest..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Times ;)

Dear Happy Times,

I miss you so much!
When are you coming back?
When will we meet again?
'Til next time.. I hope to see you soon!
I miss you! ;)

Love lots,


Brida is a novel written by Paulo Coelho.

It is a story about a woman whom he met while he was on a pilgrim on a sacred Road of Rome. She was Brida O'Fern.

Brida has long been fascinated in the world of magic but is searching for something more. Her search lead her to great people of wisdom. She met a man who lives in the forest and taught her to trust in the goodness of the world. This man is her Soul Mate (according to the Tradition of the Moon which only the Magi and the Witches know). She also met a woman who became her teacher and taught her how to dance to the music of the world.

On her search, she felt strange feelings for the Magus but then, she's trying to resist these feelings because she has a boyfriend and she wanted to be loyal to him. But as she continues her search, she eventually found out that the Magus is her Soul Mate.

A Brida seeks her destiny, she struggles to find a balance between her relationships and her desire to become a witch.

After all the trials and stages to becoming a witch, the long awaited initiation came. After the ritual was performed, she's bound to choose between her Soul Mate and from a man whom she gave all her love and trust.

Brida came over to the Magus and told him, "We were on the same path. So let us follow it together." The Magus resisted because he knows that Brida doesn't love him and LOVE is the most important lesson in the Tradition of the Sun.

The Magus blessed Brida's relationship with her boyfriend and let go of Brida.

Brida is a real life story of love and relationship. It is not just about magic.
Brida is an example of a woman who is struggling to pursue her dreams, find her Soul Mate and being in love. She's torn to choose from something she's accustomed to and from something she really wanted.
It is a story that tells its readers that not because you found your Soul Mate, you have to be with them or even marry them. Soul Mates are not just about being simply Soul Mates and compatibility. It is also about Love. If you do not love your Soul Mate, there's no point in staying in that relationship. Being in love is the most important thing on earth and the most precious emotion that you will feel in your whole life.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rizal in our lives..

Sino nga ba si Rizal sa buhay ng bawat kabataan? Halika’t ating tuklasin ang ilan..

Ayon sa isang manunulat..

Sa karamihan, si Rizal ay kilala lamang diumano, dahil siya ang ating pambansang bayani. Sa ilan, ay isa lamang rebulto sa Luneta at isang tao mula sa kahapon. Ngunit kung ating pagtutuunan ng pansin, maraming bagay ang itinuro ni Rizal sa karamihan ng mga Filipino. Ilan rito ay ang lubos na pagmamahal sa bayan at sa sariling wika. Ang mga aral na ito rin ang naging susi upang makamit ng Pilipinas ang minimithing kasarinlan. Bagamat siya’y pumanaw na, nanatili pa rin siyang buhay sa ating puso’t isipan.

Dumako naman tayo sa isang manunulat na matabil ang pananalita at pagiisip..

Ayon sa manunulat na ito..

Maraming bagay ang hindi natin nalalaman ukol kay Rizal. At iyon ay dahilan sa maraming bagay na hindi itinuturo ng mga guro at malalaman mo lamang sa iyong sariling pagsisikap. Ilan sa mga dapat raw nating tuklasin ay ang mga sumusunod:
  • Ano ba talaga ang tunay na naisin ni Rizal sa ating bansa? Ang palayain ba sa pananakop ng Kastila o ang maging probinsya ang Pilipinas ng Espanya?
  • Kumusta naman kaya ang moral na buhay ni Rizal? Ano ang pagtingin at naging pagturing niya sa babae?  Babaero ba si Rizal? Tama din kayang makipagrelasyon sa isang pinsan? (Kapag minsang magawi ka sa Dakak, daan ka sa Dapitan... doon mo makikita ang kasagutan!)
  • Saang wika ba orihinal na isinulat ni Rizal ang tanyag na "Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit pa sa malansang isda.", sa Filipino ba o sa Kastila?  Isama na rin natin ang dalawa pa niyang nobela, ano kaya ang batayan na magsasabi na mahal ni Rizal ang sariling wika? Mahusay ba kaya talagang managalog si Rizal? Marami daw siyang alam na ibang wika, ngunit ilang wika ba sa Pilipinas ang alam niyang bigkasin o gamitin maliban sa Tagalog?
Ikaw na ang bahalang tumuklas at humusga..

Pansariling reaksyon:

Tunay nga yatang marami tayong hindi nalalaman kay Rizal kung hindi natin ito pagtutuunan ng pansin at oras. Kung kaya’t napakalaking opurtunidad ang magkaron ng asignaturang Rizal sa mga eskwelehan. Dapat isaalang-alang na huwag nating limitahan ang ating kaalaman. Hindi dahilan ang kakulangan ng guro sa pagtuturo dahil maaari naman tayong gumawa ng paraan para malaman natin ang mga bagay na nais nating malaman. Bagama’t may mga bagay na nagpagulo sa aking kaisipan, masasabi ko pa rin  na isang dakilang tao sa Rizal. Oo nga’t karamihan ng kaniyang isinulat ay hindi sa salitang ating nalalaman ngunit sa palagay ko’y ito ay sa dahilang ang mga pinapatamaan at binabatikos niya ay mga Kastila at sila ay hindi nakaiintindi ng tagalog. Oo nga’t may kakulangan at pagkakamali siya sa hindi pagsasalin sa tagalog ng kaniyang mga isinulat pero sa palagay ko’y tayong mga nasa paligid niya ang maaaring magpuno ng kaniyang pagkukulang.

Sa kabila ng lahat, isang bayan at pare-pareho tayong mamamayan ng Pilipinas, bakit kailangan nating batikusin ang taong minsang nagbigay ng tulong at naging dahilan ng kasarinlan ng bawat isa sa atin? Hindi ba’t marapat na siya ay bigyang respeto at karangalan?

May kaniya-kaniyang pananaw ang bawat kabataan o kahit sinuman. Isang karapatan na dapat nating respetuhin gaya na lamang ng turo ni Rizal na pakinggan at bigyang galang ang sinabing opinyong ng bawat isa. Kayo na ang bahalang humusga. Sino ba talaga si Jose Rizal sa buhay mo?

Friday, November 19, 2010


From a great and refreshing 3-day retreat..
Here we are.. Back again to reality!
You can never run away from reality. You may stop thinking about your worries or anything that preoccupies your mind but you can never forget them.
All you can do is to stop thinking and take a rest, then return again to reality.
Hello stress! Hello restless days!
Goodbye relaxation! Goodbye recreation!

Just finished doing school stuffs, at last!
I'm excited to go to school but then I feel sick and my eyes are red again. :( I don't know if it's because of rhinitis or just sore eyes..

Good night blogspot!
See you tomorrow!

Movie Review: “Pursuit of Happyness”

Chris Gardner achieved success through positive treatment towards life. He suffered from life challenging situations but never let go of his hope. He believes that there is light in every downbeat that’s happen.  As he always quote Thomas Jefferson’s viewpoint of happiness, he would always wonder how Thomas knew that to experience happiness in life, you really must strive for it or I must say chase it. Happiness happens when one person really asks for it then pursues it. Chris Gardner actually experienced this and he was astonished to how it happened successfully to him.
Chris has good communication skills and a great sense of humor which impressed the executives of the company then actually hired him. Having accepted in the internship program as a stockbroker, Chris Gardner take possession of the job as if it is he’s own business. He studied hard their so-called bible and applied those to his work. He treated his customers as if they are the most important customers of all. He made use of his communication skills and sense of humor as his strategies in selling his products. He makes inquiries or should I say, he investigates his customers to further formulate a better strategy that will build trust and relationship with his customer and eventually sell his product. He also has this self-management skill that makes him balance his work and personal life. This skill develops his self-awareness and lets him analyze and learn from work and life experiences.
Chris Gardner may be a good candidate to be a sales leader. He is a good follower. As we all know, a good leader must be a good follower. He learns from his own and others’ mistakes to which he thinks of ways to correct it and make it better. He stand for what he believes is right but also accepts and respects others’ opinions. He is very honest to claim that he doesn’t know the answer but also very eager to find the answer. He is a good role model for everyone for he possesses skills that are very needed in the industry.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Working Hard? or Working Smart?

What to say to employees who are working hard but not working smart..

If I were the district sales manager…
I will do a reverse psychology conversation with him/her.

First, I will commend all the good qualities he/she possesses. Second, I will make it clear to him/her and let him/her feel that I have nothing against him/her. Lastly, I will give him/her advices that may guide him/her toward greater productivity.

The following will be my advices to Name of Employee:
1.      Name of Employee, you may be working hard but not working smart. It is important that you work hard and at the same time, work smart. People think that they can bring about great changes in their career if they work hard. Yes, it is true, for nothing can be achieved without hard work. But working smart makes a lot of sense either. It might lessen the amount of energy we put on to accomplish a specific task.
2.      Assess everything that needs to be done.  You should look over every aspect of the job so that you can be sure that every detail is accomplished on time, and accurately.
3.      You should make a checklist of your tasks even if it's in your head.
4.      Once you've assessed the job and come up with a plan, it's best to stick with the plan.
5.      You should communicate with your clients properly. Always remember that communication is a two-way process. So, after talking and explaining your side, it’s best to listen to what your customers think and respect their opinions.
6.      Do not cram! Working quick and ahead of time but as efficiently as possible is much smarter than looking at the schedule and telling yourself you have five more days to get it done.
7.      Being dead tired at the end is not smart. So, you should be strong and still energetic even at the end of a job done. Be sure that you are well rested at deadline time.