Friday, November 19, 2010


From a great and refreshing 3-day retreat..
Here we are.. Back again to reality!
You can never run away from reality. You may stop thinking about your worries or anything that preoccupies your mind but you can never forget them.
All you can do is to stop thinking and take a rest, then return again to reality.
Hello stress! Hello restless days!
Goodbye relaxation! Goodbye recreation!

Just finished doing school stuffs, at last!
I'm excited to go to school but then I feel sick and my eyes are red again. :( I don't know if it's because of rhinitis or just sore eyes..

Good night blogspot!
See you tomorrow!

Movie Review: “Pursuit of Happyness”

Chris Gardner achieved success through positive treatment towards life. He suffered from life challenging situations but never let go of his hope. He believes that there is light in every downbeat that’s happen.  As he always quote Thomas Jefferson’s viewpoint of happiness, he would always wonder how Thomas knew that to experience happiness in life, you really must strive for it or I must say chase it. Happiness happens when one person really asks for it then pursues it. Chris Gardner actually experienced this and he was astonished to how it happened successfully to him.
Chris has good communication skills and a great sense of humor which impressed the executives of the company then actually hired him. Having accepted in the internship program as a stockbroker, Chris Gardner take possession of the job as if it is he’s own business. He studied hard their so-called bible and applied those to his work. He treated his customers as if they are the most important customers of all. He made use of his communication skills and sense of humor as his strategies in selling his products. He makes inquiries or should I say, he investigates his customers to further formulate a better strategy that will build trust and relationship with his customer and eventually sell his product. He also has this self-management skill that makes him balance his work and personal life. This skill develops his self-awareness and lets him analyze and learn from work and life experiences.
Chris Gardner may be a good candidate to be a sales leader. He is a good follower. As we all know, a good leader must be a good follower. He learns from his own and others’ mistakes to which he thinks of ways to correct it and make it better. He stand for what he believes is right but also accepts and respects others’ opinions. He is very honest to claim that he doesn’t know the answer but also very eager to find the answer. He is a good role model for everyone for he possesses skills that are very needed in the industry.